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Cecil Lawson
27 December 2014 @ 11:48 pm

I have been life-long following of strange phenomenon and the unusual, so when a book was recently published regarding "pre-historic Caucasian giants who once ruled America and the Smithsonian hoax to cover up the evidence," I had to look into it.
Fresh off of a recent trip to the Serpent Mound in and the Adena Earthworks around Chillicothe, Ohio, I felt reasonably confident in my amateur archaeological knowledge that such claim were BS.
And yet, there was the book, all 344 pages of it, and a lengthy publisher's list in the back from Inner Traditions/Bear&Co. with another dozen books on the subject.
A bit of internet research has shown me that there is apparently no reputable archaeologist or university interested in addressing or refuting such claims.
We are not far from the full embrace of a new age of darkness.